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PT. Hopelmar Internasional

PT. Hopelmar International - Jakarta, Indonesia is a manufacturer of Hopelmar Bug Blower with components, materials and high quality workforce. Our goal is to provide a superior Bug Blower with operating simplicity, reliable with long service life and low maintenance cost.

Our Bug Blower is very sturdy with a balanced design with anti slip in all corners for. All our Bug Blowers are equipped with aluminum balanced blades, steel housing and blade guard for safety and durability. Hopelmar Bug Blower is designed for maximum airflow for large areas with low decibel noise levels.

Our Hopelmar Bug Blower is available in 4 standard sizes ranging from 24"-36"-48"-54" blade size with Airflow Capacity 9090 Cfm - 20600Cfm - 34900 Cfm and 39100 Cfm, but we also fabricate custom blowers according to the custome design and desire.

The Hopelmar Bug Blower is effective for both onshore and offshore rigs to cool and protect personnel from the potential danger of toxic gases flying through the air. Hopelmar bug blower has been supplied on a worldwide basis for sectors such as, Commercial, Industrial, Marine, Petrol Chemical, Oil & Gas, Offshore and Hazardous Areas.

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